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Quim Hereu

I was that boy. The little painter in shorts. My thin, white, hairless belly burned with fever under white sheets. Red cheeks, very blond hair, almost albino, high temperature and eyes fixed on the white ceiling of my bedroom.

I imagined legions of strange beings and things marching to the beat. I was learning to recreate my own theater, in which distinguished extras played a role.

Quim Hereu is a Catalan painter of Strambotic works of Art (Girona 1963). Self-taught. He redefines, promotes and presents the Strambotic Art movement to the world. The artistic current was initiated by Joan Fuster Gimpera in the Empordà region in the seventies. Quim Hereu is the creator of the written manifesto of this new current as well as of the visual manifesto, an imposing trilogy of oil paintings on canvas, of 6 × 12 m each that define and explain the Art movement. He invested twelve years of his life in painting these 3 colossal works (2009-2021). He calls himself the “mother” of Strambotism, and he defines Fuster as the “father”.

Among the different books he publishes, “HEREU – L’ESTRAMBOTISME” stands out. The book covers all the circumstances surrounding his creative process, it explains the beginnings, particularities and the content of the Art movement he represents.
This book is the ideology of Strambotic thought. “Rauxa i Seny” -outburst and common sense-, hyperbolic imagination with the right amount of common sense to avoid self-destruction. Common people, who suddenly do things that are not common. Adults, with the imagination of when they were children… the most explosive creative combination known.

In 2017, he created the Quim Hereu Space, a museum which is open to the public. It is the Strambotic sanctuary. Buried in the womb of the sacred mountain of the Sants Metges, in the DOR Museum of La Fortalesa (Sant Julià de Ramis, Girona) the space houses the Strambotic Art Trilogy (probably the largest trilogy of oil paintings in the world). Objects, sculptures and Hereu’s paintings are on display. It is also the studio where he usually works. The space will be enriched as Hereu completes the project. He is currently working on the works of the sculptural ensembles that will fill the exterior of the building. The Icons of Strambotism in bronze. This space is constantly evolving and can be visited, allowing access to the painter’s studio where you can see and follow his creative process.
Quim Hereu studied engineering and is self-taught in painting. He has always rejected academies and art schools because he believes that in painting, virtue is born of defect. All it takes is talent, craft and the inevitable presence of the muses.
His great friend and artwork protector, in Mexico, is also his patron. He has a very close relationship with Mexico where he often travels. Rivera, Orozco, Siqueiros… They are the muralists who influences his perception. El Bosco, De Chiricco, Delvaux, Bouguereau, Mucha… are the painters who he has as a reference.