The Sanctuary

We are creating the structure for what will be the cultural center dedicated to the dissemination and understanding of this new artistic movement: the Sanctuary of Strambotism. The trilogy (the visual manifesto) will be located in the Quim Hereu Space, an enormous ‘black box’ buried and isolated from the outside to immerse the visitor in an imaginary world. Drawings and works from the strambotic universe will surround the Quim Hereu Space, transforming it into an unprecedented, cyclopean, and artistic space.

“I have been involved in the design of the Sanctuary of Estrambotisme from the beginning, aiming to create a new concept for presenting artworks and the artistic movement to the public.


The visitor will undergo an unprecedented experience with a powerful artistic content, allowing them to delve into the current at the highest level, if they so desire. The Strambotic Boulevard will be the ‘Llegendàrium’—a collection of giant sculptures, enchanted forests, and spaces dedicated to multisensory experiences. In this way, an environment will be created where the visitor can perceive and enjoy art in an unfamiliar and never-before-experienced manner.”

Quim Hereu
Girona, 2022